Starting and Configuring Axiom Gateway

The Gateway can connect multiple cameras to the Axiom Cloud


Step 1. Starting the gateway

Connect the network cable and turn on your Axiom gateway.

If you have a monitor and keyboard attached to your Axiom gateway you will be able to continue configuration using them otherwise wait for 2-3 minutes to allow ample time for the Axiom gateway to boot and search for its local IP address using your preferred network discovery tool. For example, you can use Advanced IP Scanner:


If after 5 minutes you still cannot locate the local IP address of your Raspberry do a power cycle of your board and try searching for it again after 2-5 minutes.


Step 2: Add cameras to the Axiom gateway

To register cameras on your Axiom gateway use a computer or a laptop connected to the same local network as your cameras and Axiom gateway. Open your preferred browser and type the local IP address of your Axiom gateway as shown in the Advanced IP Scanner.

You should see the Push web interface from which you can either do an automatic camera discovery or if this method fails to find all of your cameras you can manually add your cameras using their local IP address.

For the automatic option click on the Discovery tab to open the Discovery menu and click on the Plus button for every camera you want to integrate:


After you have added all cameras go back to the Cameras tab to view the Registration code of every camera.


To add more cameras manually press the Add Camera button and enter the local IP address and ports of your camera:


Note: to access the Axiom gateway web interface using push tunnel you need to add the board's own registration code as a P&P camera and then use the "Generate link" button from the Troubleshooting tab to create a temporary link through which the Axiom gateway can be accessed from anywhere in the world.


Step 3: register camera in the Admin portal

Add camera in the Admin portal using Registration code from step 4.From the Customers table click on the customer to whom you want to add the camera then click on the Cameras menu on the customer menu level and use the Add button to integrate the camera. In the window that will appear select the P&P Camera option.Input camera's Registration code (obtained in step 4) and provide camera's ONVIF user credentials created during step 2. Next, choose the billing plan and click the Create button.